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Trending Videos - 2 October, 2023

Latest Updates - 2 October, 2023

Turkey launches airstrikes against Kurdish militants following deadly Ankara blast - CNN

Paris Fighting Off Citywide Bedbug Outbreak: 'No One is Safe' - The Daily Beast

Nightclub fire in Murcia, Spain, leaves at least 13 dead - CBS News

Opposition leader Donald Tusk cheered by crowds at Warsaw election rally - The Guardian

Robert Fico wins Slovakia election with anti-Ukraine stance - Financial Times

UK prime minister says no immediate plans to send British troops to Ukraine - Fox News

More than 100 dolphins dead in Amazon as water hits 102 degrees Fahrenheit - CNN

Maldives election: Pro-China Mohamed Muizzu wins in loss for India - The Washington Post

Huge fire engulfs police complex in Egypt’s Ismailia - Al Jazeera English

Anger and despair as Indonesian families mark year since football disaster - Al Jazeera English

Ukraine is building an advanced army of drones. For now, pilots improvise with duct tape and bombs -

Where the 20 new Latter-day Saint temples will be built as Russell Nelson's record tally continues to rise - Salt Lake Tribune

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 586 - Al Jazeera English

Nigeria's President Tinubu increases wages as national strike looms - BBC

India-US ties are at all-time high: Jaishankar - Hindustan Times

Germany welcomes China's support for G20 debt restructuring framework - Reuters

WATCH LIVE: 2023 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine announcement - PBS NewsHour

90% of ethnic Armenians flee Karabakh enclave overrun by Azerbaijan army - The Times of Israel

2 women among 4 held for ‘killing’ 2 Manipur students - Times of India

Serbia denies US, EU reports of military build-up along Kosovo border - Al Jazeera English

EU's Borrell, in Kyiv, says bloc will increase military aid - Reuters

With China’s help, Indonesia is launching Southeast Asia’s first bullet train - Yahoo Life

Iraq wedding fire caused by 'gross negligence', government investigation says - Reuters

Afghanistan's Embassy in India ceases operations - DW (English)

Pope Francis calls silence ‘essential’ at prayer vigil for Synod on Synodality - Catholic News Agency

Two dead in grizzly attack in Canada's Banff National Park - New York Daily News

Fitzpatrick says he backs Graham’s proposal for Ukraine and border funding - The Hill

‘Mourning in every street’: A Pakistani city, crushed by a suicide bomb - Al Jazeera English

Here’s a look at the resolution for a foreign force in Haiti. The U.N. will vote Monday - Miami Herald

Mainland China Bourses Close For National Day Holidays Until Oct. 9 Amid Tough Year - Forbes

British police arrest second suspect accused of cutting down 300-year-old tree near Hadrian's Wall - Yahoo News

Senegal's navy intercepts boats carrying 600 would-be migrants - BBC



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