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Trending Videos - 29 May, 2024

Latest Updates - 29 May, 2024

Israel denies strike on camp near Rafah that Gaza officials say killed 21 people - Reuters

Taiwan’s parliament passes bill pushing pro-China changes - Al Jazeera English

Wrecked Gaza pier touted by Biden 'absolutely' will resume deliveries, White House says - New York Post

Transitional council in Haiti selects new prime minister for a country under siege by gangs - The Associated Press

Singapore Airlines: 'Turbulence landed five of my family in ICU' -

Pope Francis apologises over reported homophobic slur -

Papua New Guinea leader Marape says extraordinary weather causing disasters - Reuters

South Africa votes in election that could bring biggest shift since 1994 - The Associated Press

Ship struck, taking on water in Red Sea after presumed Houthi attack - The Times of Israel

Macron says Kyiv should be allowed to 'neutralise' Russian military bases, prompting Putin warning - FRANCE 24 English

Georgia's EU dream in tatters as 'foreign agent' bill becomes law - POLITICO Europe

White House opposes sanctions by Congress against International Criminal Court - Axios

South Korea accuses North of 'base' act by sending balloons with trash - Reuters

Hong Kong arrests six under new security law for 'inciting rebellion' -

Ukraine can use French weapons to strike inside Russia, Macron says - CNN

Ukraine Handed F-16 Stipulation From NATO Ally - Newsweek

India Temperature Nears Record Above 50C as Heat Wave Worsens - Bloomberg

Ex-Thailand PM Shinawatra will be indicted for defaming monarchy - The Associated Press

Is Palestine a state? Palestinian statehood, explained - USA TODAY

Former spy chief Dick Schoof chosen as Netherlands' new prime minister - The Washington Post - The Washington Post

North Korea's Fiery Spy-Satellite Test Shows More Than Failure - The Wall Street Journal

'Shut down the world': McCaul warns of global economic catastrophe if China invades Taiwan - Fox News

Tourists Are Poking Holes in the Screen Erected to Block Photos of Mount Fuji - PetaPixel

More than 100 business leaders including Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales sign open letter backing Britain's center-left opposition - CNBC

Israel-Gaza: What does ICJ ruling on Israel's Rafah offensive mean? -

Bill Maher clashes with Jewish actress saying antisemitism comes from the right: 'No, it doesn't' - Fox News

Putin says French military's appearance in Ukraine is step towards global conflict - The Jerusalem Post

Why Are So Many Mexican Election Candidates Getting Killed? - The New York Times



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