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Latest Updates - 7 June, 2023

Ukrainians face homelessness, disease threat as floods crest from burst dam - Reuters

Pope Francis undergoes abdominal surgery in latest health concern - CNN

I'm not worried about Covid inquiry messages, says Rishi Sunak -

Chaos on frontlines as Ukraine war threatens to come home for Russia - The Guardian

Blinken meets with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman amid strained relations - Fox News

Quebec orders more evacuations as dozens of wildfires in Canada remain out of control -

Retirement in France vs. US: In wake of strikes, who has it better? - USA TODAY

Iran has a hypersonic missile. What does that mean? - Al Jazeera English

India and Germany in talks on €5bn submarine deal - Financial Times

Ukraine Offensive Has 'Broken Through' Russian Lines: Prigozhin - Newsweek

Hong Kong Asks Court to Stop Protest Anthem From Circulating Online - The New York Times

Senegal, one of Africa's bastions of stability, faces its gravest threat of unrest in decades - CNBC

Kathleen Folbigg: A pardon after 20 years as 'Australia's worst mother' -

US issues travel advisory for Caribbean hotspot amid violence, sex assault concerns - Fox News

US defense secretary points to parallels with Ukraine war at D-Day anniversary ceremony - CNN

NATO in Indo Pacific? France's Emmanuel Macron Says 'No' | Vantage on Firstpost - Firstpost

NATO prepares unprecedented air exercise in show of force to Russia - Military Times

Blackouts in Russian Border Region After Drone Strikes – Governor - The Moscow Times

Woman pretended to be man, 'tricked' teen by having her take off glasses before sex: cops - Fox News

India's surging rail investment fails to avert disaster - Financial Times

Arctic may have summers with no sea ice sooner than projected, study finds - The Washington Post

In Kenya, lions are speared to death as human-wildlife conflict worsens amid drought - The Associated Press

Chinese embassy inaugurated in Honduras, as President Castro set to visit China - South China Morning Post

Russia ally denied election to UN Security Council in wake of Ukraine war - Fox News

Li Shangfu: War with US would be unbearable disaster, says China defence minister - Yahoo! Voices

Latest weapons in use by Putin's Russia in Ukraine war | Hypersonic missiles | Russia-Ukraine war - WION

Typhoon Damages Yigo Guam Temple - Church Newsroom

Biden Invites Allies to Washington as Fighting Intensifies in Ukraine - The New York Times

US urges IDF to re-evaluate use of deadly force after Palestinian toddler killed - The Times of Israel

Iran hails 'new era' as embassy reopens in Saudi Arabia -

Ukrainian President Zelensky discusses peace moves with Papal envoy - The Sun

Ill-fated Coromandel Express all set to resume services tomorrow days after dreadful accident - ANI News



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