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Trending Videos - 23 September, 2023

Latest Updates - 23 September, 2023

Incendiary rhetoric on Sikh's murder stokes debate in Canada diaspora - BBC

Questions about Russia's clout in ex-USSR grow after Karabakh crisis - Reuters

Ukrainian missile hits Russian navy headquarters in Crimea, one missing - Al Jazeera English

F-35A stealth fighter lands on highway, first time in new NATO member - Business Insider

Zelensky in Washington: The Ukrainian president had a bizarre and frustrating trip to the U.S. - Slate

After Ukraine and Poland's Fight, US Wants Clarity on Standing - Bloomberg

Israeli PM Netanyahu tells Bret Baier 'we're getting closer to peace every day that passes' with Saudi Arabia - Fox News

Pope decries indifference toward migrants, as he prays for the dead in the French port of Marseille - The Associated Press

UN's Big Week Sent Ominous Message to the World - The Daily Beast

Opinion | Britain Blinks on Net-Zero Climate Mandates - The Wall Street Journal

It's a kayak with a grenade launcher. And it could be game-changer in Ukraine. - ABC News

'Climate King' Charles ends France state visit at organic vineyard - The Washington Post

House leaves town without a solution as government shutdown deadline looms - MSNBC

China to help reconstruct war-battered Syria - Al Jazeera English

The Nagorno-Karabakh crisis raises serious questions for Russia — and the West - CNBC

EU releases €127 million in aid for Tunisia amid Lampedusa crisis - Euronews

Medicare supplemental insurance pros and cons to know - CBS News

‘Very messy’: India-Canada row over Sikh killing causes diplomatic shock waves - The Guardian

In Nigeria, grief spills to the streets over death of Afrobeats star Mohbad - Al Jazeera English

Joe Biden Suffers Two Speech Gaffes in Just Over 24 Hours - Newsweek

Exclusive: Russian hackers seek war crimes evidence, Ukraine cyber chief says - Reuters

India agrees to reserve a third of parliament seats for women. But the change could still take years - CNN

Kashmir’s top pro-freedom cleric leads Friday prayers after four years - Al Jazeera English

Police drop charges against British woman for silently praying outside an abortion clinic - Fox News

‘In Derna, death is everywhere’: Palestinian mission to Libya - Al Jazeera English

Trudeau's Popularity Plunges Amid Standoff with India | Vantage with Palki Sharma - Firstpost

Inside the crucial final hours as American diplomats tackled last minute obstacles to bring five Americans imprisoned in Iran home - CNN

Polish PM tells Ukraine's Zelenskiy 'never to insult Poles again' - Reuters

Indigenous people in Brazil shed tears of joy as the Supreme Court enshrines their land rights - The Associated Press

Ukrainian troops vow to take back Bakhmut but say it won't be easy - Reuters

UN General Assembly meets for third day as leaders raise alarms on human rights, pressing matters - Fox News

Cop allegedly kills ex-girlfriend with service gun after promising 'no one' else could have her - Yahoo News



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