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Trending Videos - 22 February, 2024

Latest Updates - 22 February, 2024

Alexei Navalny: Putin critic's mother says she has been shown his body -

Chinese hacking company I-Soon document leak: What to know - USA TODAY

Israel-Hamas war: Israeli strikes in Gaza kill 48 - The Associated Press

UK parliament descends into chaos over Gaza ceasefire vote - Reuters UK

Putin puts West on notice with flight on nuclear-capable bomber - Fox News

Reservist soldier, fresh from Gaza war, shot Ma’ale Adumim terrorist attacker - The Times of Israel

Houthi missile hits ship in Gulf of Aden as Yemeni rebels continue attacks over Israel-Hamas war - CBS News

Bobi the Portuguese mastiff stripped of record as world's oldest ever dog - The Guardian

South Korea hospitals on red alert as doctors ramp up protests - Reuters

US will support Taiwan regardless of election results, Rep. Gallagher says on visit to island - CNN

Barge strikes China bridge, killing 5 and sending vehicles plunging into water - Fox News

Iran gives Russia 400 powerful ballistic missiles capable of striking targets nearly 450 miles away - Fox News

Israeli officials admit: IDF has no concrete plan for Rafah invasion - report - The Jerusalem Post

US lawyers urge UK court to block Julian Assange extradition appeal bid - Al Jazeera English

Spain Has ‘No Doubt’ Kremlin Behind Russian Helicopter Deserter’s Death – El Pais - The Moscow Times

Report: Four Killed in an Alleged Israeli Drone Strike in Southern Lebanon - Israel News - Haaretz

US conducts four 'self-defense strikes' against Houthi weapons preparing to launch: CENTCOM - Fox News

After Holocaust remarks, Brazil condemns UN ‘paralysis’ on Gaza at tense G20 meeting - The Times of Israel

Latest Israel-Hamas war news and Gaza conflict updates: ICJ hearings continue - The Washington Post - The Washington Post

Scoop: U.S. urges Israel to send officials for Paris hostage talks, says progress made - Axios

UK joins US in backing Rutte to lead NATO - POLITICO Europe

The Taliban carry out a double public execution at a stadium in southeastern Afghanistan - ABC News

UK targets Russian military with further sanctions -

India farmers' protest: X admits to taking down posts and accounts -

Hostage talks continue in Paris amid expected Rafah operation - The Jerusalem Post

Hopeful Putin Challenger Leaves Russia as Top Court Rejects Presidential Bid - The Moscow Times

Germany's Bundestag votes against Taurus missiles to Ukraine – DW – 02/22/2024 - DW (English)

Desperate for soldiers, Ukraine weighs unpopular plan to expand the draft - ABC News

US estimates Ukraine military shortages could grow catastrophic by late March - ABC News

Russia's economy is now completely driven by the war in Ukraine – it cannot afford to lose, but nor can it afford to win - The Conversation

As flow of aid to Gaza dries up, UN blames ‘breakdown of law and order’ - The Times of Israel

Israeli parliament backs Netanyahu’s rejection of a Palestinian state - Al Jazeera English



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