Baeble Music is a New York-based music producer dedicated to creating high quality, original programming that extends far beyond its web-based home and its city borders.
The Berlin Music Video Awards (BMVA) are an international festival that puts the artists behind music videos in the spotlight.
Because Music : Pourquoi Because ?, nous demande-t-on. La réponse est contenue dans la question. Because, point à la ligne - poing sur la table.
Music Industry LLC is a professional Management & Distribution Content.
Generic music is an integrated agency concept for contemporary music culture which fuses skills and competences from electronic music and İndie Music one roof. If the philosophies of electronic music culture and indie music looked extremely contrary.
T-Series Islamic Music
YRF Music

太合音樂集團(TAIHE MUSIC GROUP)作為中國領先的音樂服務機構,是文化創意產業的代表品牌,也是音樂產業的龍頭企業。引領音樂行業發展,一直是太合音樂集團秉承的使命與責任。

旗下藝人:薛之謙、D.L 羅時豐、陳潔儀、方泂鑌、郭美美、BY2、張智成、孔令奇、張韶涵、耀樂團、秦宇子、許嵩、趙泳鑫、MIC男團、鄭興琦、鐵竹堂、黃荻鈞、厲娜等。

Tseries Islamic Music is a Muslim devotional channel. T-Series is India's No.1 Music label company, believes in bringing world close together through its music of resign.