13-Year-Old Explains Autism in a Brilliant and Understandable Way

A young Irish teenager has explained autism and what it’s like to live, and suffer, with autism in a brilliant video posted by popular Irish snapchatter James Kavanagh. In the video, Kavanagh asks his 13-year-old nephew Sean various questions about autism and his experience with it to mark Autism Awareness Month. Sean spoke candidly about his own diagnosis of atypical autism and the speech difficulties he experienced when he was younger.

Sean also spoke about how loud noises and personal space are issues for him during day-to-day life. Sean also gets uncomfortable if he is touched or hugged by people from outside his family.

Sean gave viewers pointers about how to help people with autism and include them in a way that was comfortable for them. “One of the most important things is to be understanding,” said Sean. “Try and let them into your activities, always use literal language, never be sarcastic.