How to Tell if Someone Is Lying to You by Their Body Language

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Published On: 2022-11-24



How to Tell if Someone Is Lying
to You by Their Body Language.
Some people are so good at deception
that you feel it’s impossible to distinguish
between what is false and what is true. .
Thankfully, these seven body language signs
can help you tell if someone is lying to you. .
1. Their eyes are darting back and forth
or they’re looking away from you at key
moments in the conversation.
2. Filler words such as “umm,” “like” and
“uh” can indicate they don’t actually know
what they’re talking about.
3. Taking an unusually long pause after you ask
them something they should know the answer to.
4. Experiencing excessive sweating on the
forehead or excessive dryness of the mouth. .
5. Fidgeting or becoming itchy all of a
sudden without an apparent cause. .
6. Repeating words or phrases that
they’ve already said and stammering.
7. Fake smiling. You can tell the difference
because a person’s eyes will wrinkle when
they’re really smiling

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