Dee Brown on Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & Celtics vs Lakers - Part 1

By : CLNS Media Sports Network

Published On: 2023-06-05



Welcome to another captivating episode of the "Showtime" podcast with your host, Michael Cooper. In today's video, we're excited to feature the talented former NBA player, Dee Brown.

From being a notable figure in Boston Celtics to his famed 'No-look Dunk' in the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest, Dee Brown has always made waves in the basketball world. This episode, titled "Dee Brown Talks Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and 2023 Celtics Making History", dives deep into his illustrious career and beyond.

In the video, Dee offers a unique perspective into the legendary rivalry and camaraderie he witnessed between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. He shares firsthand accounts of the intense battles, competitive spirit, and sheer athleticism that defined this era of basketball.

Moving into the current basketball scene, Dee also discusses the 2023 Boston Celtics, who have been making history with their remarkable performance this season. It's a deep dive into the nuances of modern-day basketball, strategy, teamwork, and what sets the 2023 Celtics apart.

Join us for this fascinating conversation as Dee Brown brings his insights, experiences, and a wealth of basketball knowledge to the table. This is an episode you certainly wouldn't want to miss, especially if you're a fan of the NBA, sports history, or simply love a good story.

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Tune in, enjoy the insights, and stay tuned for more!

00:00 - Welcome Dee Brown
01:00 - Dee Brown gives his #Celtics take ahead of game 6 tip-off vs Miami Heat
03:00 - Dee Brown on the “new NBA” breaking all of NBA History’s records
03:50 - Dee Brown Explains How his childhood impacting his career as a professional athlete
04:36 - Dee Brown on his daughter Lexie Brown, WNBA star
05:16 - Dee Brown on his ties with Michael Cooper being media, WNBA coach, pro assistant, etc
06:00 - Dee Brown Talks about drafting Jokic with the Denver Nuggets
06:50 - Advice Dee Brown gives his players that were given to him by his parents- GREAT ADVICE
08:30 - Dee Brown role models growing up + when did Dee feel he had ability to play in NBA
12:20 - Dee Brown tells a Coach John Thomson story
13:00 - Dee Brown tells a Danny Ainge story
14:05 - Dee Brown tells EPIC Michael Jordan stores
16:05 - Dee Brown’s ICONIC Dunk championship
18:28 - Dee Brown tells Magic Johnson story
19:00 - Dee Brown tells stories about and Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson mentoring him during games
20:05 - Dee Brown loves NBA History
20:49 - Dee Brown tells EPIC Larry Bird story
22:00 - Dee Brown details the iconic Indiana Pacers vs Celtics series in 1991
23:30 - Dee Brown explains Larry Bird’s high threshold for pain (back)

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