Taiwan Warns of Escalation After China Sends Over 100 Warplanes Toward Island

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Published On: 2023-09-18



Taiwan Warns of Escalation , After China Sends Over , 100 Warplanes Toward Island.
Taiwan's defense ministry said that China's
military had deployed 103 warplanes
towards Taiwan over a 24-hour period.
NBC reports that the planes, which turned back
before reaching Taiwan, were detected between
6 a.m. on September 17 and 6 a.m. on September 18. .
Over the same period of time,
nine naval vessels were also detected,
according to Taiwan's Defense Ministry.
The Defense Ministry said that 40 of the planes
crossed over the symbolic halfway point
between Taiwan and mainland China.
Tensions have been rising
amid China's increasingly large
military drills around Taiwan. .
The United States is Taiwan's main supplier
of arms and stands opposed to China's
push to change Taiwan's status by force.
According to Taiwan, the latest Chinese
military action, which is labeled as
"harassment," could lead to an escalation. .
We urge the Beijing authorities
to bear responsibility and
immediately stop such kind
of destructive military activities, Taiwan Defense Ministry, via NBC.
Last week, China deployed a flotilla of ships,
including the aircraft carrier Shandong,
into the waters near Taiwan.
NBC reports that the recent actions have been
perceived as an attempt to sway an upcoming
Taiwanese presidential election in January.

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